Good day to you,

I started learning computer science in 1963 when
I joined ASA, the US Army Security Agency. I
have continued learning and teaching computer
operation, web site plans, PC skills, and tricks for
over 50 years.  
After my enlistment in the Army I Attended
Kirkwood Community College and Colorado
State University and taught Electronics and
computer science at Denver Public Schools.

Then I moved to San Diego and taught at a
college offering computer systems and
technology for the USMC, Army, Navy, and large
corporations such as Verizon, AT&T, and Boeing
Aircraft. After returning to North Dakota I was
hired as the technology coordinator for Billings
County Schools in Medora, ND USA.

Now We build basic web sites and repair PCs
from our shop here in Beach.
We design and implement simple web sites for businesses all over
the USA. I am a certified computer technician, certified vocational
teacher, and certified fiber optic technician with over 50 years

Please stop by to talk web site plans, computer problems or fishing
stories. Thanks for your time.

                   Jack Cook
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