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(701) 872-0012
53 E. Main Street
Beach, ND 58621
At our shop here in Beach we do
basic PC repair such as replacing
power supplies, removing all types
of malware and viruses, and
replacing broken laptop screens.

Stop by to visit.
When you ask us to repair & remove all types of malware and viruses.
A   good tool is Malwarebytes. You can have this too.
Get one year of the always-on PREMIUM protection recommended by  IT experts.  
Malwarebytes protects your home PC.
Now, We are in the process of creating "ON-LINE" courses to be used by everyone to learn new tricks
and tips for the Internet, Windows and much more.

We have accepted a partnership with the North Dakota State office of WSI; workers Compensation
Insurance office for training or employees to improve computer skills.
More coming soon.